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About Us

An All-Inclusive Digital Experience for You & Your Brand

You have probably landed here because you are wondering how just one small business owner can make so many things happen, but the honest truth is that I can't! And neither can you. That is exactly why I placed so much value in creating a team immediately after turning my photography skills into a business, formerly known as Julia Christine Photo Co. I always knew that photography would be something that I learned to support businesses, whether it be my own or someone else's. The best way that I know how to support others is to collaborate and grow together, and that is just what we have done here and would love the opportunity to do with you too.

Meet The Team

Our Story

In 2021, Julia Christine Photo Company was founded in Las Vegas, NV. I knew I wanted to offer a full-service experience to photography clients to ensure that no project was left incomplete. I remember thinking about all of the photos I had done of my daughter when she was a baby and never actually found the time to print and hang them as I fully intended to prior to making the investment. So after taking an online sales course for luxury photography, I began offering prints and products on all of my photography collections, even offering to hand deliver and hang photos in clients homes. It didn't take long to realize that this unique offer was going to require some marketing and branding.


I exchanged personal brand photography sessions with an out-of-state photographer, Shandi Marie and tried to promote myself as much as possible on social media. I even invested in a mobile website and part-time studio space, and yet I knew it still wasn't enough. When Johnathan Dove reached out about a photography/videography collaboration where we would work together to help each other get recognized for our individual businesses, I was thrilled! We began meeting routinely to not only take photos and videos for one another, but to also bounce ideas off of one another and talk business strategy. I had just completed my business degree a year prior, and read all the books and attended workshops about anything and everything related to business. We are both prior military and eager to exchange our knowledge and experience to help one another.

My next collaboration happened after reaching out to a local Professional Hair & Makeup Artist, Frances Pinal on Instagram. I creeped on her social media accounts, tapped the link in her bio, read through her website to learn more about her and her amazing skills, and finally got the courage to ask her if she wanted to meet and discuss a possible collaboration. Why a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist? Because I had already invested in some editing training, and sought out the one (and possibly only) way to elevate the photos I was delivering to clients, the experience that clients have when they book a session with us, and ultimately "my" brand instantaneously via Frances! The makeup on her website and photos of her work proved that she believed in helping women achieve a beautiful, yet natural-look that enhances who they really are. When she said yes to an on-going collaboration, I invited her to a second lunch at one of my favorite local cafe's where we would also take a few branding photos of her to showcase her and our joint services on social media and on our websites.


Needless to say, focusing on my photography business meant that connecting with other entrepreneurs and building relationships with them came first and foremost. I have taken a similar approach to genuinely offer to help other business owners get ahead any way that I know how, often assisting with events or working last minute shoots when clients are in a major bind.


Since meeting Johnathan and Frances, we have teamed up on many branding and lifestyle photography sessions to offer our services together, taking breaks to share and ask for advice on our personal endeavors. Every aspect of doing business together has shaped us into who and what we are now – a TEAM with a strong desire to help people and businesses connect with one another within a supportive community! If you are not apart of one yet, join us and let us help you get and stay connected to your audience and grow your business!

Did you know...?

Frances Pinal has written and published children's books. She is in the process of becoming a virtual assistant so that she can help other aspiring authors with formatting, designing, and publishing their work. 

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